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NightRide Scout Vehicle Mounted Thermal Camera - 384-35mm

SKU: SCOUT384-35

●Dimensions 7 1/4"x6 3/8"x 6 3/4"
●Weight 5.5 lbs
●Operating Temperature Range -40F to +140F
●Sealed Design IP69
●Sensor Type 384 x 288 Uncooled Micro-bolometer
●Field of View 10 (H)
●FPS 25hz
●Power Consumption 3W
●Power Requirements 12-16 VDC

NightRide Ranger Vehicle Mounted Thermal Camera - 384-13mm

SKU: RANGER384X288-13

●Dimensions 100mm x 55mm x 80mm
●Operating Temperature Range 40F to +140F
●Sealed Design IP69
●Sensor Type 384 x 288 uncooled Micro-bolometer
●Field Of View 28 (H)
●Fps 25hz
●Power Consumption 4W
●Power Requirements 12-16 VDC
●Detection 440M
●Recognition 110m
●Identification 55m